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Do you offer Service in all 50 States?

Yes, Threshold is able to offer service in all 50 states and most counties in the world.

Can we keep our phone number when we switch to Threshold Communications?

Yes, Threshold will “port” your phone number to our network. Don’t worry; you will always own your own number.

Can you offer phone numbers in all 50 states?

Yes, Threshold is able to provide phone numbers to over 90% of the United States, and Canada.

Can we keep our Toll-free numbers?

Yes, Threshold will “port” your Toll-Free number to our network. Don’t worry; you will always own your Toll-Free number.

Toll-free number on multiple carriers?

Yes! Threshold Communications is also a Resp-Org Being a Resp-org, Threshold as able to route your toll-free calls in new a creative ways. Some of our clients are splitting their calls over two carriers which provides excellent disaster recovery!

Is your Hosted PBX as reliable as our current phone system?

It is MORE reliable! As a client of Threshold’s hosted PBX, your system is in a redundant datacenter with redundant connections and redundant power. Unlike your office based system, Threshold’s Hosted PBX isn’t affected by local power issues, backhoe’s digging up the street, or inclement weather.

With a Hosted PBX, can I have people in different states on the same system?

Yes! We enable your entire organization to be on a single telephone system, regardless of location. Even with each user having a different area code, and time zone, it works seamlessly.

Will SIP work with my phone system?

Most new telephone systems will support SIP along with the traditional T1’s. SIP will save you significantly in that you only buy as many concurrent calls as you need, instead of in bundles of 24.

What is SIP trunking?

A versatile and cost-effective PBX integration/trunk replacement service that delivers the benefits of VoIP while retaining existing traditional or IP PBX/Key systems
SIP Trunking is an open industry standard that allows voice equipment to interoperate with the enterprise data equipment over an IP network. SIP Trunks enable enterprises to create a single, pure IP point-to-point network connection to the Threshold cloud.
No more 1 T1 for voice and 1 T1 for data, now both T1’s can do both!

Does SIP make sense for us?

Threshold SIP Trunks and networking reduces monthly cost of separate Voice and data circuits. Costs associated with capital and operating expenses for dedicated Voice interface hardware can also be eliminated. This means reduced hardware costs and eliminating the need for costly SIP gateways. These savings are especially great for enterprises with multiple offices.
In addition to hard cost savings, SIP Trunks also delivers operational network efficiencies by improving the utilization of your services. With SIP trunks, we can maximize your internet connection speed! For enterprises with multiple locations, calls from one location can be re-directed to another location without interference to customers and business partners.

Is Private DSL available at my location?

Service is available in the lower 48 states and covers over 85% of the available locations. Give us a call and we will let you know the availability at your address.

How fast is Private DSL?

Threshold Private DLS operates at the same speed as traditional DSL, but never touches the internet. This allows Threshold to use DSL access to provide private, secure services.

Why use Collocation for my computers?

Our collocation services provide a state-of-the-art solution which helps you to reap the benefits of our world-class facility, network, and support services. Some reasons to use Collocation:

  • 100% availability of your servers to the network. You are no longer impacted when your office experiences a power outage, winter storm, or other disaster.
  • Save money on internet and all connectivity. All locations need to access the servers. Having them in the Collocation facility saves, as internet connectivity is less expensive in collocation that at your facility.
  • Working on the servers is easy. Remote hands can provide the physical needs and the rest can be done from anywhere in the world.


Internet Connectivity is important, what options do you provide?

T1 to Gigabit Ethernet (GIG-E) Internet connections How you connect to the Internet is crucial to the success of your company - your speed, security and performance. Threshold offers reliable, dedicated, high-speed Internet service that will give your business peace of mind. As a result, communications between employees and business partners will be more efficient, productivity will increase and business processes will improve.

Service after the sale is important. What will change verses our current carriers?

When you become a client of Threshold Communications, you’ll experience an unusually high level of service. You will have a personal representative that will get to know you, and how you like to do business. Then, you’ll continue to do business with the same person who will understand your specific needs.
Additionally, when you call the support line, 24 x 7 Threshold know who you are and about your account. No longer do you have to wait on hold 15 – 30 minutes even to talk to a support person. One call to Threshold and the problem is off your to do list – and you know it’s handled.

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