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Multiple Locations on One Phone System

Are you struggling to figure out how to manage phone communications between your main headquarters and remote locations? Perhaps your business is growing beyond a single location and you need physical sites in multiple locations or home offices. You will definitely want to continue to treat your business as one cohesive unit and maintain that single look, feel, and sound. A unified phone system can change the way you do business by offering solutions that unite multiple locations with a single point of administration.

Time is money and in order to serve your customers effectively and efficiently you must give them easy access to information and staff. With multiple locations on one phone system, customers can call one phone number to reach anyone in the company regardless of where they are located. Incoming calls can also be automatically routed based on your customized settings so there is no need to worry about missing important business calls as you travel between offices. Companies on a unified phone system find a seamless integration of employees who work from home permanently or occasionally, transfer, or relocate to an out of state site.

Businesses with various locations across multiple area codes are finding savings in long distance charges with a unified system. With one system, you reduce the need for expensive multiple phone lines and the hassle of multiple extensions. Your scalable phone system can grow when your business grows keeping your monthly communication cost predictable. One phone system really can connect all customers to all locations all of the time.

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